Attach peace to your mind.

In this times of chaos, we need more than ever mental peace, but how could we have mental peace with all the horrible things that are happening to us and this world right now? Here I explain you how: Breathe: When we are on times of tension or going through a situation that irritate, depresses, … Sigue leyendo Attach peace to your mind.


Did you know yourself?

Is hard to everyone, especially at the beginning, to know ourselves and this is completely understanding when we most doesn’t even understand us. The self-discovery allow us to have a better control on ourselves and to know what are we made for in this life, discover what passionate us and give us life, our interest … Sigue leyendo Did you know yourself?

Put harmony on your life.

Put harmony on our lives is something as necessarily as healthy for infinite reasons, some of there are: Improve your self esteem Improve your interpersonal relationships Improve your laboral performance Make more pleasurable your homework Enjoy more of your family, partner and friends Now, let's go with “how”... The best way to achieve harmony it's with order, such … Sigue leyendo Put harmony on your life.