Put harmony on your life.

Put harmony on our lives is something as necessarily as healthy for infinite reasons, some of there are:

  • Improve your self esteem
  • Improve your interpersonal relationships
  • Improve your laboral performance
  • Make more pleasurable your homework
  • Enjoy more of your family, partner and friends

Now, let’s go with “how”… The best way to achieve harmony it’s with order, such mental as physical. So here it’s four steps to follow, with time and carefully, to order our lives.

Keep your house clean and ordered: A nice and clean house is a sign of good augury and bring peace to our lives. We lost so many time of our lives searching things that we doesn’t found and getting so much stress finding things in disrepair. If we never lost them neither allow us to damage them, is such a big load of stress we’re reducing. A good advice to make this important change on our lives is granting them a unique place to every thing and, instead of cleaning on sundays, clean every thing we have as we’re using it. A japanese reflection is: “While the occidentals dedicate hours of their lives to invent better cleaning products, the japanese solve the problem starting with no littering”.

Sort your friendships: If someone bother us really much, we can’t handle their defects, we’re always complaining about it and we doesn’t care to heal our way to see it, why did we still see it?. This is something that happens to many girls on the world, we have friends with who we go shopping or to take a launch but at the time she goes to the bathroom or we say goodbye to her, we send a message to our boyfriend or confident sharing how much we can’t handle her and all the horrible stuff she did or say. It happens too with many mans, couples and some family. This generate us stress and a constantly bad mood that ends bothering everyone around and, some times, we are so predisposed that only look them on a picture or hear about that person already irritates us. A good way to avoid this from happening is getting away, with maturity and education, preferably explaining them, with careful and respect, what it’s what bother us so much that we have to get away of them, so we gift and opportunity to this people to approve some aspects of their personalities or attitude that result insupportable to the others.

Don’t complain: Continually we complain about things bothering us at our work, home, family, partner or friends and, when we do it, we think that we are letting off steam with someone we trust but to feel like we need to letting off steam is because first we had to accumulate a big load of nuisance and stress, so why we accumulate them? And with this I don’t want to say we have to go around life insulting every time someone/something/someplace bother us, instead we have to turn a positive round to our perspective, specifically, the things that bother us, imagine a world where nothing or no one can bother us, just focusing into the positive. A good advice to achieve this is that when we are on a situation where something/someone it’s bothering us, pay so much attention and look, listen and feel closely, searching the good it has, if we do this with pretty much dedication we’ll figure out by ourselves that if we do keep our face toward the light, we won’t see the shade.

Do everything with love. If we have the bliss to work/study/live in somewhere we love we know pretty good how much we enjoy doing what passionate us, if we have as obligation doing things that we doesn’t handle (go to a reunion, do home work, take care of our little brothers) imagine that we can convert that insupportable fact into something very much pleasurable, if we doesn’t have a choice and we still have to do it, what if we do it with love?… For example: If it’s our turn to clean the house or wash the dishes and we put some music, dance with the broom and focus on making all look as beautiful as we wanted to see it, we’ll enjoy pretty much of this and securely, the rest of the people with which we live too. If we have a reunion and we prepare us early, we put some music, sing and dance while we iron the clothes we’ll wear, shine our shoes, brush our hair and do silly faces on the mirror, eat healthy food, drink a lot of water and on the road, hear some music, enjoy the nature around us, see the clouds, the birds, the stars and the moon, according to the case, you will note how due to a good mood it won’t be so unsupportable to attend, plus, won’t last our whole life.

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.”Wayne Dyer



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