Did you know yourself?

Is hard to everyone, especially at the beginning, to know ourselves and this is completely understanding when we most doesn’t even understand us. The self-discovery allow us to have a better control on ourselves and to know what are we made for in this life, discover what passionate us and give us life, our interest and pleasures, our different attitudes, all the features our personality can have and so many other things that allow us to self-realize ourselves. Knowing ourselves is something that takes long time and dedication, being that is not an easy work or one day stuff we all have to keep ourselves continue motivated.

Is important for you to know that discover yourself and reach to the self-realization isn’t something that depends of the material stuff (objects, money, appearance) or others (religion, psychology consultancy, esotericism), we must accept that this depends only of ourselves and no one else will help us to find ourselves the way we can.
To know ourselves we most take into account all of our positive aspects as much as negative aspects (defects and virtues), so we’ll also navigate through the self-acceptance but, easy! Because self-discovery allows us to get free from the habits, unconscious terms and activate our volition and motivation in life. When we know the deepest we recognize our center, direction and meaning, so we experiment a full authenticity. We can discover our potential and develop it through we get realized that we are much more than we thinked.

Knowing ourselves is wonder us who we are?, why and what for do we exist?, to accept our weaknesses and defects, and allow us to improve it, to listen our bodies and comprehend how it feels and why it feels how it feels, focus on our feelings and wonder us how I really feel?, discover what bother us, excite us, saddens or whatever and why, how do we react before differents feelings and emotions? And why? And how do we change it?… To know ourselves is to be conscious about the unconscious that it’s behind our conscious. Is to listen that voice that whisper us something when we really are feeling something. It’s stop thinking and start listening. It’s turning around the eyes and look just inside. Bit by bit, part by part.

For being able to know ourselves we need un-learn our habits and mores, taboos, social rules, religion, values, traditions, materialism, so many others… And recognize that all of them are thoughts acquired and not necessarily part of us. It’s to forget everything is not necessarily part of us, rediscover the center of us and deepest explore the most important part.



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