Attach peace to your mind.

In this times of chaos, we need more than ever mental peace, but how could we have mental peace with all the horrible things that are happening to us and this world right now? Here I explain you how:

Breathe: When we are on times of tension or going through a situation that irritate, depresses, incommode or disturb us; we perspire and hyperventilate. If instead of doing this, we take pure air and inflate our lungs deep and slowly we won’t just improve the state of out nervous system, column, brain, nerves and nerves centers but else normalize the cerebral function minimizing with that the high levels of anxiety we suffer, reducing our heart beats and relaxing our muscles. And, like our body is fully connected to our mind, relaxing our body we’re also relaxing our mind.

Dedicate it time and constancy: Is important to us take at least one hours of our lives just for being on peace, inasmuch as we’re on a bad situation or having a problem, we’ll be more relaxed and will know how to face it with a better face. Sit down in a calm and quiet place, put some music or if you are outdoors listen to the sounds of nature and dedicate yourself to imagine beautiful stuff, if you are like me and you can’t be without moving then make an activity that you can easily do without hustles of any kind neither move from where you are, either as reading, writing, singing, drawing, eating, or what you want. Is your time alone, just for yourself.

Eath healthy: Food is the gasoline of the body and if we feed it wrong, just like putting bad gasoline to a good car, with time, we damage it. Eat well nourish and give us energy, gift us a good mood and make us enjoy a good digestion and don’t having stomachic issues. If you can’t achieve a vegetarian diet, then try to eat at least one of the three diary food only vegetarian and prepare your meat healthfully, if cost you too much, a good way to start it’s simply increase your fruits, verdures and vegetables daily consum.

Do exercise: A healthy body is a healthy mind. Doing daily exercises as running, trotting, walking, swimming, yoga, tai chi, tennis, golf and a unbelievable etc… Make us clean our doubts and forget our problems and concerns if not solving them. Do exercise liberate on our bodies some substances call it serotonin, dopamine and endorphin, that we even know as the “happiness hormone”, “pleasure hormone” and “natural analgesic”. This substances -literally- give us calm, pleasure, happiness, eufory, let us anesthetize the pain, conciliate better the dream, leave tobacco, drugs, sugar and regulate our food consume. What else can we ask for?.

Stop overthinking and over worrying: When you get worried in excess you increase your stress level and anxiety on your mind and body, your muscles get tense, your hands sweat and other parts of your body too, your heartbeat increase, your stomach and your whole body get sick and, with your mind, it get tired. To stop doing this, many times, we just have to propose it and when we found out doing it, stop in a second, sometimes we even have to limitate our responsibilities and delegate works. Any way, the price is incomparable to the damage that we’re making to our mind and body.

Selective memory to remember the good, logic prudence to doesn’t mess the present, and challenging optimism to face the future.” -Isabel Allende.



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